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What Happens…

As I walked out of my office, I wondered whether the path that I had chosen was right. I looked at the auto wala and asked him, “Bhaiyya, chalna hai? Metro?”(Brother, I need to go to the metro). I got onto the auto and as the wind duelled with my already dishevelled hair I still wondered…

It was hardly a ten minutes ride, he said, “Madamji, yahi pe chodunga, aage jaane nahi denge.”(Madam, I shall have to drop you here, I don’t think they’d allow me to go any further) I looked at the distance between the auto and metro and deciding that it was favourable I refrained from arguing with him. It was that time of the month and I was the worst when it came to not staining oneself if you know what I mean. I disembarked the auto and was sure that the standing auto wala had clearly seen that stain of blood on my panties as I bent to get out. I saw him staring at me or rather he was lost while he stared at me…

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Mundane and I Are Best Friends

Best friends and BFFs are usually people. Even I have them. But one thing that will always remain close to me is the mundane nature of life. It is my best friend. I cannot get rid of it. I do not want to get rid of it. It is what is life to me. It is clearly indispensable.

So my aim here is not to pen down my relationship with mundane-ness(if that’s a word; too lazy to Google). It is in fact to pen down how I have come to realize it is what I want to survive. It entertains me, gives me food for thought..a lot of thought. Continue reading “Mundane and I Are Best Friends”