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It’s Hot


It was 1:00 am and as I travelled in my perfectly air conditioned cab, along with a friend, I felt blank. No conversation, nothing to say. The silence was only filled by the soft humming of the air conditioner and I wondered how I felt several minutes ago waiting for the cab to arrive and pick us up.

Cold as Antarctica, the movie hall gave me laughs and entertainment that lasted for two hours and a little more. I walked out with Someone discussing the movie and as we did, he ordered a cab back home. It was a hot night, as is characteristic of a city witnessing sub-tropical climate, every year. As I noticed beads of sweat trickling through his forehead onto the sides of his cheek, I reached out to wipe it off. He stopped my hand midway and said, “Don’t do that! It’s icky. I’ll do it on my own.” Continue reading “It’s Hot”

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Parallel Paradise

They were having immense fun – skipping, hopping, adorning long never-ending manes that looked like smooth roller coasters. It was paradise. But while they had fun, in another world some people were not so happy.

“I can’t find it, have you seen it?” she asked her mom as she was getting late for college.

“No. Why do you misplace them all the time?” her mom asked. Continue reading “Parallel Paradise”

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I walked past a dirty dingy shop. It smelled of some kind of eatables. I looked at the man overhead and hoped he’d give me something to eat. At the end of every day he would give me the not-so-fresh-smelling food from the day. But I could not complain. At least the man was kind enough to give me something more than many other brutes.

There were times when I would go from place to place in search of food and in search of love – of affection – no strings attached – just pure affection. But soon, I discovered that what I sought did not exist in its entirety – at least not for all of us. Continue reading “Woof”