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Commandments of India 21st Century

a dream called life

angry-2030006_1280Dear human being,
Be born, study, earn, marry, parent.
Be born, study, earn, marry, parent.
Be born, study, earn….

Dress differently but not absurdly,
Talk kindly but practice self-centeredness,
Question theories and not the system,
Preach objectivity and be subjectively interested.

Dear Student,
There’s a pattern, pretend to break it.
But never break it in real
as this pattern is comfort zone in disguise.
Only an incapable person breaks patterns,
comes out of comfort zone and feels zoned out.
Be zoned in and participate in the system.
After all, why question it when it benefits you.

Dear daughter,
Claim to be a feminist yet
never sit ‘inappropriately’.
Be chirpy and not loud.
Be promising and not generous.
Be hot to guys,
Be beautiful to elders,
But never be ‘sassy’, never be ‘you’.
A 25+ unmarried girl is of no use.
Make the most out of your youth.
You are a…

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oranges and lemon sold for a penny, all the school girls are so many, the grass is so green, and the rose is so red remember me, when you are ........

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