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My friend, Garble

Hi! It’s me, Garble. People usually mistake it for garbage, at times. I’m sure it’s because of the pace at which I speak. Sometimes, I can be unclear. I always tend to confuse Blah too about what I say – like the recent cat hair episode. It’s funny, really, how people cannot see the progressive world as I see it.

So, for those who do not know me, I’m Garble, Blah’s friend who talked to him about his friend who got successful by selling love potion soon after he got a cat! It’s true. You can go back a page or two to see his success story. 

When I was telling Blah the whole story, I was so convinced that I wanted to get myself a cat too! Only that I can’t. I’m not allowed to. They won’t let me have a cat any more because I killed a kitten once before. Don’t frown! It’s not like I wanted to. You see, I accidentally poisoned little Pawpurr at a very tender age – I was 22 back then. It’s not like I don’t feel guilty or anything, I do.It’s just that I had no idea how lethal pot can be for tiny animals.

I had been feeding Pawpurr some pot. But you have to understand I did not do that on purpose either. Before you judge me, you must know, I had no money, I was out of a job and had only enough to buy pot every day – modern educated man issues, you see.

So, well, after regular feeding of the pot which I lived on too, owing to the fact that I did not have anything else to eat, the kitten fell asleep for a long, long time. I did give her three days to wake up, but then she started stinking the house up. I figured, I might as well get Pawpurr a basket and cover her nice and good underground so she can enjoy her sleep as much as she wanted.

I still stand my ground firmly and assert that I am not a cruel person. Hey, do you guys know how amazing it is to have a  weed patch in your backyard! It’s smokin’ awesome! I think it’s a million dollar idea. I have a crazy excellent business plan too. I’m planning to sell it across all pharmacies around the residence and run an amazing business for years to come! What d’ya think? I’m also going to name my business Pawpurr Pot. Protection Status



oranges and lemon sold for a penny, all the school girls are so many, the grass is so green, and the rose is so red remember me, when you are ........

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