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Mundane and I Are Best Friends

Best friends and BFFs are usually people. Even I have them. But one thing that will always remain close to me is the mundane nature of life. It is my best friend. I cannot get rid of it. I do not want to get rid of it. It is what is life to me. It is clearly indispensable.

So my aim here is not to pen down my relationship with mundane-ness(if that’s a word; too lazy to Google). It is in fact to pen down how I have come to realize it is what I want to survive. It entertains me, gives me food for thought..a lot of thought.

For all those people who might believe that I am a “wannabe” intellectual, you are free to think so. But just so you know, I am here just to write and enjoy pretending that I have an audience. Also, I would like to assert, despite having given my “audience” the liberty to believe what they want to about me, that I do not consider myself as an intellectual at all.


I am just trying to revive that which I had once believed to be the best of my ability–to create stories. I want to write, plainly put. I will write, not for the first prize, not to impress anybody but just so I feel that I can write. Comments or no comments, I will write and enjoy it while I can.



oranges and lemon sold for a penny, all the school girls are so many, the grass is so green, and the rose is so red remember me, when you are ........

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